Happy Day After Mother’s Day


Here’s the wife and kids with the awesome art project the kids did at school. It is so adorable and cute and stuff. It was all wrapped up in fancy paper and as my wife unwrapped it Eliza said, “Thanks Mom.” We cried a tear of joy and love.

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Henry is excited for some racing


This past weekend we went to the mud races at our local fairgrounds. It was pretty loud and exciting and fun. It was the first time for either kid to see car racin’. Boogity Boogity Boogity. All the racers drove trucks through the mud, which is ok. But I want to try something a little …

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A Slow Motion Jump

I never know when I post from YouTube on the Android WordPress app if there’s going to be an embedded video or if it’s just gonna be a link, but whatevs. Here’s Eliza jumping into a pile of pillows in slow motion. My new Galaxy S6 is pretty cool.

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I’ve been posting for a couple days now. Aren’t you so proud of me? YES. Anyways… here’s a selfie I took. I’m so handsome and stuff. Whatevs, is anyone reading this? #vscocam

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K’s Dairy Delight In Buena Vista Is Delightful


If you find yourself in Buena Vista, Colorado make time to stop at K’s Dairy Delight, or K’s Old Fashioned Burgers if their sign is to be believed. Whatever you call it, the burgers there are top notch. The sign says they’ve been around since 1955, it was my first time there so I’ll have …

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She wanted to get wrapped up like a mummy and then he did too. Don’t worry, they weren’t hungry for brains or whatever mummies like.

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Bathtub Hair


Using the #vscocam app on my Galaxy S6, I have edited this photo of little Henry in the bath. He’s getting so big, and his hair is too. He had a bit of a hair problem for a while. The problem being he barely had any and what he did have very much resembled a …

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Gifts For Dads: Brass Knuckle Meat Tenderizer

    Steak is good right? But sometimes (all the time in my case) you don’t want to pay these ridiculous prices they’re charging nowadays. I mean, have you seen the meat counter at your local market? Highway robbery I tell ya. So I will get a cheaper cut of meat, which is nice. However, …

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Around Trinidad: Coke Ovens of Cokedale

Just outside Trinidad, Colorado is a place called Cokedale. It is now a little tiny place with less than 200 residents but in it’s heyday it was a virtual metropolis with 1500 folk. It was a company town created by theĀ American Smelting And Refining Company and they mined them some coal. Now I am not …

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Doing Things The Old Fashioned Way: The Dishes

In our house here in Trinidad, Colorado we have no dishwasher, we are doing things the old fashioned way. And by things I mean dishes. It’s not really as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’ve had an automatic dishwasher in my residences for the past 12 years and it’s been pretty …

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Here’s Looking At You Kids

  I just needed to post something to test out a thing on my blog. This is it. Amazing, right! It’s these 2 dang ol’ kids peepin’ out the window at me as I was out in our yard. Did you know that having a yard is pretty nice? Now you know. Before we just …

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Henry Looking Pretty Cool. He is not wearing #thedress

Here is a picture I snapped of my two kids this morning, please not that they are not wearing a blue and black dress, or a white and gold dress, #thedress. They are just wearing pants. How about that thing anyways? Is that like the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a week or so? At …

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George Simpson Is Resting Up On The Hill

Simpson’s Rest is one of the most recognizable sights here in Trinidad. It is home to the Trinidad sign which is lit up at night as a beacon to weary travelers and what-have-you. It is also the forever home to one George Simpson, whom it’s named after. I never gave much thought to why it …

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Trinidad, Colorado: Our New Home

We’re here in our new home of Trinidad, Colorado. This is the sign up on a place called Simpson’s Rest that lets you know, in case you forget, that you’re here. Our house is real close to it and it made an easy way to find our way home the first few days. We just …

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Moving Out

I just wanted to drop on by my little blog and share the news that we’ll be moving into the pictured house in just a few days! It’s in a little town in southern Colorado called Trinidad. The population is less than 10,000 so it’s going to be a little different from in the Denver …

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Pants Down Don’t Poop

Oh man, my two kids both really love to play the pants up, pants down game. When they do I’m like, “Pants down, don’t Poop.” Eliza is past her floor pooping phase but Henry here, he’ll drop a steamer every once in a while. You know what’s gross? When I pick up a fresh turd …

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Hairs of Gray, Go Away or: Just For Men And The 50 Shades Of Gray

Well it’s that time of year when we (me) here at Stay At Home Brad get down to business. This business is a test and review of Just For Men Autostop. Now, when I agreed to review this I for some reason thought it was the beard gel I did in the past. I was …

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Candy Cane As An Alternative

A Christmas Story gun replaced by a candy cane

    Here’s a new version of the classic holiday film A Christmas Story, at least a new version of one frame from it. You see, I have secretly replaced the Red Ryder BB gun with a Big Ass Candy Cane. It’s still manufactured by the Red Ryder company, you may note. This BACC can …

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#blackfriday deals – Microsoft Store, Leapfrog, Petsmart

It’s almost #BLACKFRIDAY, do you know where you’re spending all your hard earned money? Unfortunately for us, we are too poor to go play Black Friday shopping madness this year but there’s always next year right? (Oh golly I friggin’ hope so) So I’m gonna post a few Black Friday deals I’ve found in case …

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Brad’s Three Beards of November

So I cut off my beard on November. I’m not an official member of Movember and am not raising money for male health awareness or whatever. I just thought it was a good time to get my ol’ itch maker outta here for a bit and see what was under it. I started growing my …

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