3 Years In 2 Minutes. Eliza’s Daily Photos

Eliza is 3 years old and as you might know I have taken a photo of her just about every day of her life. This is the video I made where I put all of them together, showing each one for one tenth of a second and you watch her go from birth to 3 …

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Wrastlin’ Kids From The Past

I was looking through my old pics tonight as I was putting together Eliza’s (belated) photo a day for her whole life video and came across this gem. Check out these crazy kids. They be wrastlin’ up some storms, when they’re not busy being just crazy. This was from late December last year, things haven’t …

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She came up with a new game


Eliza’s Game She came up with a new game the other day, it’s called Grapeball. Here’s a video showing how you play. http://youtu.be/l0P9E5v33e8 Easy right! Just throw the grapes. You can also play any other kind of ball in the same way. Just find something you can throw and throw it. For example, pick up …

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Eliza The Photographer. VTech Kidizoom Camera.

It was recently Eliza’s 3rd birthday and one thing she got was a VTech Kidizoom. As you might know she has been photographed like, a hundred thousand times in her life. She always was trying to get my Canon T3i camera if I left it in her reach. Now she has her own to use …

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Watch “The Rock’s MILK Transformation” on YouTube

The Rock’s MILK Transformation: http://youtu.be/S6Eg-Qai6f0 Who knew that milk could do a body this good. Can you smell what The Rock is cooking? It’s milk.

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Kissing Through A Screen

The title pretty much says it all but I can’t just leave it blank can I? The answer is no. Just look at these 2 cute kids kissin’ each other through a screen door. So cute, amiright? So I know you’ve been missing my daily posts, I’m sorry. I’ve been occupied with my newly started …

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Henry = Rascal

He’s getting bigger all the time, as children are wont to do. Here is him from a few days ago. Wow, what a cutie he is. He’s also so damn crazy. You know how people will tell you that your kids will get into everything and they’ll get on everything and you need to childproof …

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A Children’s Book I Want To Get


For about the past 5 weeks either my wife Amanda or I have gone to the library and picked out books for Eliza. We’re going through the alphabet with the titles. This week we’re on the letter E. When we get to the letter H in a few weeks, I want to get this book …

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Throwback Thursday Is Afoot.


Throwback Thursday! It’s Eliza’s foot when she was born on one side, her foot today on the other. Can you guess which is which? Ha, just kidding. It’s totally obvious. I can’t even believe her feet were that small ever. It’s a good thing babies can’t walk because if they could they’d just fall over …

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Driving around the supermarket


Oh hi again, we just got back from driving around at the supermarket. We got some bread, milk, and eggs. You know, the usual. The thing was that the cart got driven around by these two kids. Not really driven, the cart designers were smart enough not to give them real steering wheels. The children …

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Binoculars to help you see


Eliza learned how make hand binoculars/monoculars/telescopes to help her see, in this pic she was using her monocular. I think she learned it from this movie with turkeys in it, I can’t remember what it’s called. I think Owen Wilson is the main turkey, I don’t feel like Binging it so you’ll have to do …

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(No title)


Ain’t it fun playing in a water fountain? What a great way to beat the heat. This pic was from one day last week when we actually had heat, instead of just slight warmth and rain. It’s been a wild and wacky weather year, or at least it seems like it to me. I’m no …

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Happy Anniversary To Us


It’s our 4th wedding anniversary today. Yay! It’s pretty cool if you ask me. Come on, ask me! We’ve been through some changes in these years, most notably the addition of our 2 totally awesome babies. But we’ve also grown as people. I know I’m much better and better off now than I was 4 …

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Monsters University. Her Favorite Movie and It Could Be Yours Too.

One of Eliza’s all time favorite movies is Pixar’s Monsters University. It’s really great seeing how Mike Wazowski and Sully met and became really great friends. That Sully was a real conceited jerk when he first came to MU, wasn’t he? He sure changed his tune once he found out how totally awesome ol’ one …

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A Pig Parade Is A Terrible Idea. A Book.


My wife found this book at the library, it’s called A Pig Parade Is A Terrible Idea and it’s written by Michael Ian Black. You may remember him from various comedy shows through the years. Or you may not remember him at all. Either way it’s a pretty funny kid’s book. I won’t spoil it …

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This Girl Is Crazy Looking Sometimes

  Wait, what? That’s what she has taken a liking to saying and it’s pretty funny. She even uses it at appropriate times, she’s pretty good at words. Just look at her though, doesn’t she look a bit crazy? Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I’m just sayin’.

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This Thing Sucks or: She Helps Vacuum The Carpets.

Take a look see at Eliza helping vacuum the carpet. She really wanted to help me out today while I was vacuuming. So I let her. She did an ok job for it being her first time and all. It won’t be long before we have our own little human Roomba to do our cleaning. …

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There Was A Big Log Waiting For Me

  When I got home tonight, Eliza was sitting on her little potty chair. As I walked through the door she said, “Dad, there’s a log for you.” And sure enough there was a log waiting for me in there. A poop log, in case you didn’t know what I meant. So that’s good. My …

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Watch “Sleeping baby” on YouTube


Henry is a Sleeping baby in this YouTube sensation. Enjoy watching and listening as a little guy slumbers. Sooth yourself to sleep with the sounds of snoring. A sure to please video that none should miss.  http://youtu.be/s80pqnDp__o

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She’s Trying Out Scissors

Watch out world, Eliza has scissors! Ha, just kidding, you don’t need to watch out, she’s pretty good at it. She knows the rules about scissors and she follows them pretty good. She really does like cutting paper though. She did it for about several hours last night. She even got sort of winded and …

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