Hello there, I’m Brad. I’ll be your main host here at Stay At Home Brad. This website will be your guide through the life and times of a soon to be father. I’m sure it will be very entertaining and you will love it.

Let me tell you a little bit about the current situation. My wife Amanda and I have been married for just over a year now and we are all in love and stuff. We are expecting a baby in either late September or early October and are so excited. We are already in love with our little bundle of joy and it’s only almost 6 months developed!

We don’t know for sure if it is a boy or a girl, but at our last ultrasound they said it is probably a girl. So we’re going with that tentatively. We may get a surprise in the delivery room though like happened to one of Amanda’s friends. She had to send back all her pink stuff, o’ the troubles!

So like I said, we’re having a baby, just like millions of other people are doing. The thing that separates this instance from many others is that the father (me) will be staying at home with the baby, at least during the day. This is because Amanda is the one with the good day job and the insurance and all that. I have a low paying evening job with no benefits and it wouldn’t make sense to have me be the bread winner because we’d be having moldy bread.

We also don’t want to send our little baby (probably) girl to any sort of daycare. This is for several reasons, one being the cost. From what we’ve seen the costs are astronomical. Like $800-1000 a month at least. We would have to be making quite a bit more than we are to be able to afford that. We don’t even pay that much for our condo.

Another reason is that we just don’t want to trust the baby to a stranger or strangers. We want to know what happens all the time. They are so fragile and voiceless when they are small. We also want to build a great relationship with her from the very beginning and having at least one of us with her at (almost) all times will help this.

Well I probably don’t need to explain anymore because you know all the reasons they say for having a stay at home mom and I tend to agree. It is a good thing, assuming it is possible for you to do, and with my job being at night and Amanda’s during the day it works out perfect. I’m sure I’ll be super tired most of the time with working two jobs but it’ll be worth it and you can read all about it here.

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  1. Sister/Aunt Extraordinaire Selina

    I love it! Can't wait to hear about Stay At Home Brad Dad! 😉 You're gonna be great! XO

  2. Brad

    Thank you Selina. I can't wait to be Stay At Home Brad Dad!

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