Judy Hunt, 1946-2011

amanda gordon and her mom judy hunt hug each other inside an apartment in lakewood colorado
Amanda And Her Mom At Our Old Apartment

As you may have read in the prior two posts, Amanda’s mom, Judy, was very sick with the cancer. This was her second bout with it. She beat it the first time in 2010, but this time it was just too much and she passed away two days ago, July 28 2011.

We spent most of this past week with her at the Denver Hospice At Lowry. It was a wonderful place for her to be. The staff was so caring to both Judy and all of us family members.

So needless to say, this week has been pretty upsetting for Amanda and I and others. At one point in this whole process we knew it was coming to this, which it made losing her a little bit easier. Not that much though. It’s never easy losing someone you care about.

So I just want to say to my mother-in-law Judy Hunt: Wherever you are, I hope you can read this. Thank you for your daughter Amanda, I love her so much. You done good, Judy. And thanks for the memories I have and all the wonderful (and some not so wonderful) memories Amanda has. We’ll see you in some other place and time. Watch over us the best you can and say hi to our grandpas for us. Take care.


At some point in the next day or so I will make an obituary type posting for Judy. We don’t have any sort of memorial arrangements made yet but will keep you posted if you are interested. If you wanted to send flowers or anything like that, we instead request that you give a donation to the Denver Hospice in Judy Hunt’s name as they rely heavily on donations and we’d like to see them keep on operating. If you want or need more info you can email me at brad@stayathomebrad.com. Thanks.


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  1. Anonymous

    Hey I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. I know exactly how it feels and I'm glad you have brad to help you through it. Ive known him along time and he's been waiting for someone like you. If you need anything just let me know I'm a friend on brads facebook.Crystal

  2. Amanda Gordon

    It's been over six months and I miss her so much. So much.

    1. Erin Formisano Shank

      Cancer sucks. 🙁 you have a great guardian angel…..

    2. Bradley Gordon

      Cancer does suck. I know you miss her, Amanda. I do too. She is watching over Eliza and you and maybe even me. Remember when Eliza stares at that picture of your mom?

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