Eliza Eats A Lot

Little Baby Eliza wrapped up in a blanket in a green onesie

Every 4 hours or so, Eliza takes a bottle. This bottle is filled with 80 ml of milk or milk substitute. And she eats this in 20 minutes or so. Eliza is almost 8 lbs as of her last weigh in. So it’s about 10 ml per pound.

Imagine, if you you will, a full grown adult eating the same amount. A 200 lb person would consume 2000 ml, or 2 liters. Not just once, but at least 6 times a day. And taking around 20 minutes each time. That seems pretty impressive to me.

Maybe it is not so much if you are Joey Chestnut or Kobayashi, but I certainly couldn’t do it. However, I am also not a growing baby who shouldn’t even have been born for 10 more days so she needs all that nutrition and whatnot. But still she’s a super eater. And that’s pretty neat.

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  1. BloggerFather

    Hey, this is all great news. Congratulations again.

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