A New Look For The 100th Posting

An about 3 month old baby. Super cute and sepia toned. Welcome to the all new Stay At Home Brad website! It’s not quite complete yet as you may notice, there sure is a lot involved in moving a blog from one service to another. I was up so late last night trying to figure stuff out. I won’t go into great detail on it because I don’t want to bore you. But this is the new look. I may change the theme again, I’m not sure if I like this one too much, I’ll give it some time and see if it grows on me.

So this is the 100th posting here on SAHB. I didn’t know if I would make it this far, but I did. Aren’t you proud of me? I know I am. It’s quite an accomplishment. The first 100 is the hardest, the next hundred will be like eating pieces of cake stolen from a baby.

And speaking of baby, today Eliza got her Synagis shot. Remember the one that’s about $2300 MSRP? Yeah, that one. We didn’t pay nearly that much for it, don’t worry. Did you know they don’t even use it all? They go by weight of the baby. So the little vial was 1 unit, Eliza got 0.6 units. The 0.4 remaining was just tossed as it can’t be safely saved and used later. It seems like quite a waste, but oh well.

I happened to be video recording when Eliza got her shot today. If you are interested you can watch it. Here it is.


Well, feel free to leave some comments. This commenting system might be easier to use than the prior one. I’m not sure. But test it out for me and see how it goes. I hope you have a happy November. Don’t forget that my birthday is this month. That’s what makes it the best month, oh that and eating so much on Thanksgiving that you pass out and feel terrible for hours and hours. Ok then, see you all later!

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    A New Look For The 100th Posting: http://t.co/RYpcLpof

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