By Ourselves, The Second Day

Little Baby Eliza makes a funny face while wearing a polka dotted outfitWell day two of me and Eliza at home together without her mom went very well. It was definitely not as exciting as yesterday! But we did have a great ol’ time. We didn’t do too much though, just hung out with each other. And by hang out I mean Eliza ate a lot and slept a little.

It was super snowy here in Denver today so we couldn’t go anywhere. Little Eliza would have froze herself! ¬†When it warms up a bit we’ll go for a walk around the neighborhood. There is a park nearby that is not too shabby for walkin’ a baby in. That will be fun. I wonder if people will think I kidnapped her or something when they see me walking a baby around without her mommy? Probably not, but you never can tell what people will think these days, they think some crazy things.

We didn’t get to take a nap today however. Yesterday we did. We napped on the couch. Don’t worry I was real careful not to crush her or drop her on the floor. I have a seventh sense about where she is and the level of danger she’s in. We were watching The Office on Hulu when it happened. (I’m almost done with season 7 if you were interested.) I almost made it through the whole 23 minute episode without falling asleep! Eliza has some sort of sleep ray emanating from her. If I am sleepy in the least and she lays on me I’m guaranteed to fall asleep. I did it everyday when we were in the hospital. Ask Amanda she’ll confirm my story.

Well that’s about all I’ve got for now. I hate to leave you so soon but I must. There will be plenty more in the future, don’t you worry. How are you liking the new site? I think it’s allright. Feel free to leave comments below.

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  1. Carol G

    Seems much easier to me. Love the tag your it section.

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