Eliza Has A Problem

The word poop in a circle with the "no" symbol across it. No poop!Eliza developed her first ailment yesterday and I can’t help but feel at least partly responsible. You see, Little Baby Eliza is afflicted with a case of constipation. It’s terrible, she is so uncomfortable from it. She strains and strains to get her doody out but it hardly moves. When it does it is hard clumps, like a rabbit or deer or something.

One of them was so big. How big was it? If you were to extrapolate the size to an adult’s size it would probably be very similar to an avocado, and not one of those $0.50 ones you get from Avanza I mean a normal to large sized one.  And if you could imagine passing an avocado through your bum you can imagine it doesn’t feel good. Eliza was sure to let us know how bad it was by way of her crying and yelling. It is really hard to watch. She has never had to cry or fuss about anything before, save for letting us know she is hungry.

Amanda called Eliza’s pediatrician for some advice on what to do and he suggested if it kept up to stimulate the area like with an old-fashioned thermometer, ewww. Another thing was to get glycerin suppositories, also ewww. But these are the things you’ve got to do sometimes as a parent.

One other thing the doc said was that it is quite possible that the soy formula I had written about in a previous post could be the culprit. I did call a nurse a couple of days ago to inquire and she said there shouldn’t be any problem with it so we just went ahead and used it. Shouldn’t have done that as it turned out. Now we know though. We got rid of the soy formula and went back to milk-based so hopefully this won’t be an issue in the future.

Ok then, got to go tend to Eliza and whatnot. Do you have any tips for baby constipation? If so leave them in the comments section below. Try the Facebook comments out if you haven’t already, you might like it. Speaking of liking it, don’t forget to like this post so all your friends can see that you like such an awesome website and it’ll get super popular and I’ll be able to make tons of money from it and retire since I didn’t win the Powerball last night. See you later!


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  1. Carol Gordon

    Sure hope she feels better soon…

    1. Bradley Gordon

      She is feeling better today. She came unclogged early this morning.

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