Eliza Is An Expensive Baby

A statement from the NICU at University of Colorado Hospital for my daughter Eliza's 6 week stay. $273,000In the mail today we got the “This Is Not A Bill” for Eliza’s 6 week hospital stay and it was a doozy! $273,611 worth of a doozy. And it looks like they gave her drugs. I hope it wasn’t street drugs. Luckily insurance covers most of it or we would have to be selling some non-vital body parts to pay for it. Alright then, see you later!

Oh yeah, be sure to let me know in the comments what your most expensive hospital bill was. That’ll be fun!

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  1. Bradley Gordon (@AStayAtHomeBrad) (@AStayAtHomeBrad)

    New post. Make sure to read old posts. They’re good too. http://t.co/nxx2tT2A

  2. Renee @theblondeview

    Our little Oliver #LilO left the NICU after 7mos with over $1million due! Being born early and/or sick is NOT cheap to say the least!

    Side Note. At age 7.5, #LilO is up to about $3mil in Medical costs, that Insurance covers. We also have had $25-40,000 Out of Pocket yearly that is not covered by our Primary nor Seconday Insurance.

    Again, it is costly to have a sick child…but we love him no matter what! Wouldn’t have it any other way!

    1. brad

      Wow! $3 million, incredible! These little guys and gals are totally worth it though.

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