Eliza’s Daily Photo Video, November 22 Edition

Hey there, as I mentioned a few days ago it was time for the latest installment in Eliza’s daily photos in motion and here it is! I tried to self host if but I couldn’t quite get it to work so I just put it up on YouTube. It’ll probably work better there anyways as my site seems to always be acting up and/or slow as molasses.

Anyways, Eliza is 108 days old according to my calculations, I may be off I’m no expert on time or anything. So here is the video, watch it and show it to all your little friends too! Eliza is super awesome and I heart her!



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  1. carol g

    LOVE it. Thanks for all your time and effort to keep us all updated. Great site…

    1. brad

      You’re welcome! I really enjoy all the time and effort put into this site. And I enjoy the time and effort put into Eliza even more! Thanks for commenting!

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