One Resolution For The New Year

Eliza, a 4 and a half month old baby, wears a diaper on her headAs eluded to in the After Christmas Special, I plan on making more postings in this upcoming year. In fact, I plan on making so many more that there is at least one per day. I did pretty good at that in first month of this blog,  but since then I have fallen off, sometimes going a week or more without posting. So one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to post here at least once daily. It may not be a very substantial post, maybe just a picture and a line or two, but there will be one.

I know that sometimes resolutions are not kept, I really hope to keep to this one. If I don’t there won’t be any ramifications other than all you loyal readers knowing I’m a dirty darn liar. I don’t want that now, do I ?! And this is not the only resolution I am making for the new year. I won’t go into those right now but I’ll save that for another post. You see, I’m already working on ways to come up with daily posting ideas! Yay me!

One last thing. It’s about time for the 4th edition of the Eliza Daily Photo Video (1st Edition, 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition). It’s been some weeks now and we have those weeks worth of pictures of Eliza growing up! Look for that in the next couple days here on the blog. You would also find it on my new YouTube channel. I only have one subscriber right now so maybe you want to head over there and subscribe so you too can keep up on all the great videos Eliza and I make, when you’re not watching them on the video page on stayathomebrad.com that is! Bye for now!

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    Is that a diaper on her head? Who does that?

    1. Bradley Gordon

      It is a diaper on her head. You did it!

  2. Carol Gordon

    Too funny…

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    […] special, it’s often not, but there is something new every day. And that was one of my New Year’s Resolutions for this year. I’ve kept both of them, the other being that I quit smoking. Yay […]

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