A New Camera

Amanda On Phone

Amanda was sitting on the couch with Eliza when Eliza went to sleep. Then I snapped a photo. A photo with my brand new camera. It’s pretty awesome. It’s the Canon EOS Rebel T3i and I like it a bunch so far. It takes awesome photos and great videos. It’s gonna take a little getting used to the menus and whatnot since it’s completely different from my Sony but it shouldn’t be too bad. It does much better in lower light than the Sony which is something I’ve been needing. Plus it has so many megapixels!  We’re gonna go down to Denver town tomorrow to a museum so I should have some chances to test it out. I bet you’ll be seeing some totally radical photos on this here blog from now on. Even more radical than when you got to see Eliza in the audience of The Beatles! Take care then. Bye!

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