A Request To All My Loyal Readers

4 black and white pictures of the lovely and talented stay at home brad playing Just Dance 3 on the Xbox 360 with KinectWelcome to today’s issue of the Stay At Home Brad Times. I’m glad you could join us today. It is a great day for readin’ the best blog written by a not quite full time stay at home dad in the Denver metropolitan area. And hopefully that’s what you have come here for ’cause that’s what you’re gonna get.

So as you recall, one of my resolutions was to post every day. This is harder than it may seem. See, coming up with a topic to write about everyday is somewhat of a challenge for me. Sometimes something will happen in real life that gives me an idea of what to write about. Sometimes I’ll see something online or  somewhere and that’ll do it. Then there are some days when I just can’t figure out anything to write about and I fill these pages with rambling nonsense. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Today happens to be one of those days I just mentioned. I don’t have much to say but I need to say something, to keep up my self-pact. So I’ll just say whatever. How about the photo to your left. That is several stills of me playing Just Dance 3 on the XBox 360. I’m becoming quite the dancer, hahaha. I’ll post some video when I get better. They have a kid’s version of it, Eliza will be playing that in a couple few years. That’ll be so adorable, much more adorable than when I do it. But it’s good exercise and will help me get back into Mankini shape.

One thing I could do to fill space, and am going to do, is to ask you, loyal reader, what you would like to read me write about. You can write it in the comment section of this posting and I will read them and then make a blog posting about it. It’s quite simple and it will be fun for both of us. So please help out, I’ll even give you credit in the post and will link to anything you want (within reason.)

So there you go, the 3rd out of 366 posts for the year. I hope you enjoyed it and will take part in the topic requests. The comment section is just below here and is easy and fun to use. As always, feel free to tell your friends and associates about StayAtHomeBrad.com, you know they’ll like it. They just need to see it first. Have yourself a great day and I’ll see you tomorrow, hopefully with a topic of your choosing!


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  1. Amanda Gordon

    Baby sign language, baby massage, baby friendly and unfriendly places in Denver, review of baby product websites, mommy and me classes in Denver, do it yourself baby stuff, baby development theories. Just a few to start.

    1. Bradley Gordon

      Thanks Amanda Gordon I will use one of these tomorrow, but don't let that stop anyone else from chiming in!

  2. Stay At Home Brad

    Anything else, anybody? Don't be shy!

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