Eliza’s Birthday And Quitting Smoking

brad is sitting in a chair smoking a cigarette, there is a no smoking symbol superimposed over himTomorrow is Eliza’s birthday, her 5th month birthday. She’s getting so old, almost half a year. It’s pretty incredible. She is simply fantastic. She was working on rolling over from her back to her stomach today and was so friggin cute.

We have changed to level 2 Dr. Brown nipples for Eliza’s bottle. We probably should have done it a while ago, but we just did it last week. She now powers down her bottles like nobody’s business. We still use the 4 oz. bottles, the small ones, but are near the time to upgrade the size to the 8 oz. We also switch formula fairly often, is that bad? I’ve heard it is but so far there hasn’t been too much problem, other than with the soy formula.

Yesterday I put the car seat base in my car. I have not done that at all so far, if I needed to take Eliza around I would have to borrow Amanda’s car. I wouldn’t use mine, this is because I smoked in my car and didn’t want Eliza in it. But, as of this year, I no longer smoke so I can now take her around in my car. I haven’t yet, it still needs to get aired out a bit more and I need to vacuüm it and whatever but it’s cool that I can do that now.

It’s also cool to quit smoking, well it’s not too cool right now. I’m not feeling all that great. I used a cigarette patch Jan1-4, but yesterday I didn’t wear one at all and haven’t today either. So I’m having some real nicotine cravings and withdrawal symptoms. These should pass in a day or 3 which will be really nice. I’m ready to quit cigarettes for good, it’s dumb to smoke and expensive too. I’m taking the money saved by not buying smokes (at ~$5/pack) and putting it towards a vacation fund. Come this summer we should have quite a fund saved up, $5/day 30 days/mo= $150/mo. Wow, it makes it even dumber to have smoked when you type out the cost like that. What a waste.

Well, I’ve got to go fold some laundry. A stay at home dad’s job is never done, lol. Have yourself a merry little time, I’ll see you tomorrow. Don’t forget to leave lots of comments and tell your friends to do the same. Also, feel free to Tweet any of the postings here on StayAtHomeBrad.com to your followers. It’s time to get the word out about how totally awesome SAHB is. Yeah! Ok bye!


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