Wearing Scrubs To Work

Little Baby Eliza In Her Car SeatDo you ever see nurses or doctors or whoever walking around in their scrubs outside of a doctor office/hospital setting? I do. I always wonder about that. You see, I thought the purpose of scrubs was to be clean, non-street clothes for use while doing medical procedures. But these days you see ‘em all over.

I noticed this a lot when we spent 6 weeks going to the hospital almost every day to visit Eliza. The people would get off the bus, the #15 bus, in their scrubs and then go on in to work. I can’t see how this is clean at all. They must be teeming with germs of all kinds and who knows what else. I doubt they change them when they get inside. I think this is not a good thing these people do and their employers should crack down on it or something.

I always had somewhat of a feeling they do this to show off how important they are, being medical professionals and everything. But, I never asked any of them personally why they do it. I did, however, have my suspicions validated while watching Hulu Plus, of all things. You see,Hulu Plus runs advertisements before, during and after the shows they play. They’re short and usually interesting so I don’t mind.

One of their advertisers is the Pima Medical Institute. They have at least two different ads they run. One of them is a mother who chose Pima because she wants a better life for her daughter, that’s not the one that concerns this post. The one I am talking about is the one with Ana Versoza, a dental assistant. In it she says, “You’re just another generic person on the bus or on your way to work…Wearing scrubs you can see the respect that’s in people’s faces.” BAM, proof meet pudding. People who wear scrubs only do it to impress you.

I guess I’m impressed. Impressed that you care more for your appearance and compliments you might receive than the safety and well-being of your patients. That is quite impressive. How many people do you think you made sick or sicker because of something you brought in from outside? Hospitals are dirty enough without you bringing in extra junk from the unclean world we live in. So stop doing it, ok? At the very least wear something over it, like sweatpants and shirt. You could even have some printed up that say, “Hey Lookit Me I’m A Medical Professional!” That might help.

Thanks for reading this, medical professionals. I know you will take it into consideration when putting together your clothing for your travels to work. I thank you and all the other current and future patients thank you.

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  1. Jon

    Hilarious and so true.
    I am kind of obsessed with those Pima commercials and googled that line and found this blog entry.
    My only concern is that i think she might be saying, ‘You can see the respect in SOME people’s faces.’
    You’re probably right, but I think it’s funnier to imagine that she’s happy to impress only some people.
    It’s odd enough that she’s proud that patients ask her for advice, and she can ANSWER THEM.

    You took it to the next level.



    1. Sandra

      Whats even worse is her lack of Hippa Compliancy. Taking patients charts off site and keeping them in her possesion for years is a severe violation.

  2. Amanda

    Hi there, I found your blog because of the crazy “dynamic yoga” video bringing it up in a google search. I clicked on yours because my hubby’s name is Brad too. Then I saw your wife is Amanda! So funny! We have a daughter too, but different name. Anyway, my Brad is a nurse, and while he never takes the bus to work in his scrubs I used to go to school on the bus route for the hospital and I know exactly what your talking about, and I used to think the same thing. But now that I’m married to a nurse, I get an inside scoop. Scrubs are considered a uniform and do not need to be sterile for many of places in the hospital. There are some places where it does matter (like surgery or with immuno-compromised patients) and they have special scrubs for that purpose within the hospital that are laundered at the hospital. Within the places that people are wearing ‘outside’ scrubs, the doctors wear street clothes (usually dressed up – shirt and tie, etc) but again, they are clothes they’ve worn outside. While I believe there may be some medical professionals who wear their scrubs outside of work to get attention, the majority just don’t want to bother with bringing a change of clothes. My husband is on a floor where he wears non-sterile scrubs and if he has a patient that needs the extra protection from germs they’re required to wear a sterile gown over their scrubs, a cap, mask and gloves. Also, it’s much more likely that they would transfer germs from patient to patient within the hospital (with or without sterile scrubs) then it is to transfer germs from the bus. Germs can’t really last for a long time on a dry surface (like clothing) but can last a lot longer on a moist surface (like your hands) so hand washing is a much, much bigger issue.

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