Eliza’s 6 Month Checkup And She’s Growing Teeth

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Eliza got some more shots today at her 6 month checkup. I counted on the immunization chart we were given and adding in her Synagis, she has had 20 doses, not 20 shots as some of them are combined. She’s probably been needle poked only 12 times. That is still a lot, more than I would like to have in 6 months.

She also got really good results from her height, weight and head circumference measurements. Which were 24.25″, 15.1 lbs and 17.25″ head size. ¬†She’s still pretty low on the percentile chart (except for head size where she’s 85%) but she’s higher than last time. The doctor was impressed with her growth, so we’re doing something right.

Also, Eliza has just started to start growing in some teeth. We have been noticing signs of it for a week or two and it was confirmed by the doctor today. Eliza is doing well with it, the teeth are just barely beginning to show up so I’m sure things are gonna get worse for her in the not too distant future. Stay At Home Brad, over and out!

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