Wolf Camera 6¢ Prints On Tuesdays And Wednesdays

A stack of 3.5"x5" photos printed by Wolf Camera/Ritz Pics. They cost 6 cents each on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and are available to pick up in about an hour usuallyRecently while checking out camera accessories online, I found out that on Tuesday and Wednesday, Wolf Camera (Ritz Pics) offers 3.5″X5″ prints for 6¢ each. Wow, so cheap. Although it’s cheap, the print quality is good. I’m not one who uses high-end photo printers, I usually go with Walmart, they seem a’ight to me. And, they were ready for me to pick up in less than 2 hours. Double and, they print the file name on the back of the photo!

I got about 130 of ’em printed out today for $8.xx, which is quite a bargain. That’s one thing with digital cameras that is not as nice as the old. Having physical prints. It’s cool to see them on the computer or phone, but it’s also so nice to have a printed out copy to hold in your hand or hang on your wall to look at. I am going to start taking advantage of their super low prices to get prints made on a more regular basis. Like bi-weekly perhaps. That sounds about right.

Then when I have all these prints, I’m gonna start sending them out to people and places. And I’ll type up a letter on my typewriter to go along with it. Yeah, that’s the ticket. It’ll be fun, you’ll see. Maybe you’ll get a letter with a cool 3.5″x5″ photo inside of it . You can only hope! LoL! (send me your address if you want one)

Well, that wraps up the blog posting for this evening. Make sure to head over to RitzPics and get yourself some little photos printed up. Tell them I sent you. They won’t know who I am and it won’t do anything for you, but it’ll feel good. Ok bye!


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