A Cold Formula

A warning about how hot water burns, on a hot water heater. It is a cartoon drawing of a faucet with hot water coming out onto a hand. The hand is red because it is burning. I’ve never noticed it before but some places we go (usually restaurants) don’t have hot water in the bathroom. You see, before I had a baby I did wash my hands in bathroom sinks. Now though, I not only wash my hands but I often need to fill up a bottle with water in order to feed Eliza.

When I fill up a bottle I usually use warm water, this is how we started out since warm is how breast milk is. I guess the temperature of the formula doesn’t really matter, so long as it’s not too hot, but I still like to do it warm.

Some restaurants (and other stores I’m sure) don’t like to provide hot water to their customers. This apparently saves money for them, but it doesn’t seem like a great idea to me. I guess that’s why I’m not a businessman or anything, lol. Anyways, in situations like this I’ll stand there for a while letting the water come out and waiting for it to warm up. I’ll even try the other knob in case they’re set up backwards. But I’ll be danged if the water doesn’t just get colder and colder no matter what I do.

I could just use this cold water but as I said, I like it warm. So we usually have to ask the waiter for some warm not hot water from the kitchen area where they have hot water running through their pipes. We haven’t found a place yet that wasn’t able to get us hot/warm water from the back. If we did I think we should probably not eat there since the staff would all be washing their hands and dishes in cold water and cold water don’t wash jack.

That is all. Stay At Home Brad over and out.

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    Dishes as clean as cold water can get em.

    1. Bradley Gordon

      Cold Water is a dog!

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