Eliza: Milkaholic


Eliza sometimes drinks milk till she passes out. Thanks to the fact that she holds her own bottle sometimes, this particular milk drinking binge ended with her passed out holding the bottle. She’s like a chocoholic, but for milk. We’re trying to get her help but she really needs to help herself. Until she hits rock bottom she’s probably going to continue down this road of milkaholism. It’s sad really, she’s so young and had so much going on for her.

The scourge of excessive milk consumption doesn’t care who it hurts though, one day you’re a fine upstanding citizen who never so much as ran a red light, the next you’re pounding shots of milk, losing your car keys and waking up on a pile of Oreo cookies. It’s a horrible way of life but so many choose to live it that way. We can only hope things turn out for the best and be as supportive as we can. I still love my little baby E.




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