Oreo Cookie 100th Birthday and Late Night Posting

4 pics collage eliza amanda bradHappy Tuesday to you. Did you know it’s the 100th anniversary of the Oreo cookie? There’s a good chance you did because it was announced on every tv or radio I turned on today. I like the Oreo cookie but I don’t eat them enough. A person has to get their daily allowance of delicious cookies. There’s a whole jar of them at my mom’s house but I always forget they are there when we’re over to visit. I remember after we leave and I feel like something was missing. But we have always gone too far to turn around and go back just for cookies.

I did fix my no Oreo situation tonight though. I bought into the hype or whatever and got me a bag of Oreos and a jug of milk. Just the regular kind, not the special birthday variety.  I ate some and they were as good as can be. I heard tell of some people dipping their Oreos in peanut butter before dipping them in milk. I didn’t try that but I should, we’re not too far removed from National Peanut Butter Lovers’ Day after all.

We also have a Party Pail of cheap vanilla ice cream, this is calling out to me to turn it into an Oreo milkshake. That is just about the best thing you can get, especially from Dairy Queen. Their Oreo Blizzard is the best of the best, I can only hope to make something as good one day. Ha.

So it’s now that time where I have to go, I have been waiting till late at night to write my posts lately which isn’t a real good idea. Posting so late at night means most of you are in bed and may never even know it exists because it gets buried under all the early morning posts and when it’s so late I usually just want to get in bed and putz around online and maybe even go to sleep. I don’t have the motivation to get great posts written, I end up with what you’re reading today. But I digressed. I shall be done for good now. Have yourself a great night and day and find joy in all things you do. Stay At Home Brad over and out!

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  1. Dave Friant

    Yea Brad my wife reminded me yesterday about Oreo’s birthday or I should say informed since I didn’t know about it. Well written post enjoyed reading it.
    Dave Friant recently posted..My Brother Still Plays with Dolls [ART Dolls] That Is.My Profile

    1. brad

      Thanks Dave, I’m glad your wife reminded you about the Oreos. LoL! Your brother Ryan Friant’s Art Dolls are streets ahead!

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