Get Up Stand Up

baby eliza standing up holding on to her little walker chair and wearing a diaperIn this photo you see Eliza standing up while holding on to her walker. She wasn’t doing any walking but standing is one of the first steps towards that. Soon she’ll be walking all over and getting into all our stuff. That’s one of the next things we need to do, baby proof our house.

Already she messes around with things that a baby should never touch, like the remote control to the TV. She’s always changing the channels or the input setting. I don’t know how she even gets to the remote, I slide it far away from her and before I know it I’m missing my stories. You see, Eliza gets around. Not by walking or crawling, but by wriggling around on her back and rolling. She can cross a room in no time at all. Is baby shimmying an Olympic sport?

Well now, look at the time. I have got to run. It’s been real nice talking with you all today. I hope to see you back tomorrow and maybe I’ll get to stay longer. That’d be real nice. So till then I bid you adieu.


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