Instagram For Android Is Real Now

an Instagram photo of my cute adorable baby daughter Eliza sleepingI had heard it was coming but never saw an exact date, so imagine my surprise when I heard by way of Michael Q. Todd on Facebook that the Instagram For Android App was finally here. It always seemed so cool when I would see my iPhone friends and their neato photos. Sure there were some supposed competitors already available such as Lightbox and Streamzoo. But none of them match the original (or at least most popular) Instagram.

I have been using it since about 3 pm today and I love it. The camera included works much better than the stock one on my Droid X. The pics come out much clearer. This same thing happens with the Camera ZOOM FX app, the stock camera kinda sucks on the X I guess. I have 8 pics up and they are all super awesome. It’s so fun.

I have seen a number of photos or comments that are very disparaging towards the new Android arrivals. I guess the iPhoners don’t like their exclusive enclave overrun by non Apple folk. Oh well, they will learn to get along with us.

Do you use Instagram? If so leave your username in the comments and I’ll follow you and like and comment on your swell photos and you can do the same to mine. OK then, see ya’!

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