Eliza Krueger, or: Get Your Nails Did.

A baby's head has been put onto Freddy Krueger's body.

You better watch it if you don’t cut baby’s fingernails soon enough. She turns into Freddy¬†Eliza¬†Krueger and is wicked with her claws. She will not hesitate to slash your face all up with her sharp talons.

If you let them go too long, every time she touches you it feels like her fingers are fire heated razor blades covered in rusty thumbtacks with a battery acid coating. It’s not too nice is what I am saying.

And don’t you dare try trimming her nails while she is awake, she will thrash about and flail her arms like nobody’s business. You must do it while she sleeps. This is the only way.

Once they are cut she reverts back to her angelic little self with pillows for fingertips and Eliza Krueger is only a fading memory.


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