Getting Out, or: The Fire, It’ll Burn Us Both


We’re only a few days away from our first real vacation with Eliza’s and we are so excited!

It’s been since before she was born that we have vacated our home. Well, one time we did spend the night down in Colorado Springs I guess.  But this will be the first multi-day trip.

We’re going up to see some family in Montana. We’ll see Eliza’s great grandma, her great aunts, her dad’s cousins and one of her aunties. Also, as luck would have it, Eliza’s grandpa will be in state at the same time so she’ll get to see him again too.

It’s been a while since any of these folks have seen Eliza (if at all) , so I must warn them that she is way cuter than she was the last time they met. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any sort of cuteness induced aneurysms or anything. Just a CYA move. Haha!

So uh, anyways, it’s been a real hot one this weekend and the whole state is burning down it seems. At least the tree covered parts of the state, and we have a lot of trees. We’re safe here in the city, although I did just watch an episode of Weeds where the whole town of Majestic burned down so I guess it happens. That was a documentary, right?

Well, check ya later. I’ve got to get back to work here. Another day another dollar and all that. Bye!

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