Orphan tears will wash over the earth

a question mark with hundred dollar bills on the front of it. found on google image searchIt’s that time of year when the Agriculture Department’s Center of Nutrition Policy and Promotion puts out their annual report on how much it will cost to raise a child to the age of 18. This year the report is based on a child born in 2011, so this should be about how much we have to pay. Last year I had posted about this, but it was based on a 2010 baby.

And how unfortunate that was because the cost has increased by $8,000. From $227,000 to $235,000 in just one year! How much will a baby born next year cost? How about one born in 10 years? That one will cost $5,000,000 with this inflation rate. It’s a good thing everyone’s income is increasing correspondingly  or this wouldn’t work out too well. LoL.

This exponential growth in costs is going to really destroy the world if “they” don’t do something about it. I’m no economist or political scientist or anything but I do know that these costs cannot keep going up forever with no end. There comes a point, see the recent housing bubble burst and the upcoming college cost calamity, where something has got to give.

I know companies have to make record profits every year no matter what, but maybe that should change. Maybe “job creators” and shareholders are what’s wrong with America right now, with their never-ending greed and lust for more more more, consequences be damned.

And it only gets worse as time goes by. Their thirst for more of your money will never be quenched. There will always be more wringing of your wallet if nothing changes. Soon you will be left with nothing while these robber barons luxuriate away in their swimming pools filled with tears of orphans they themselves created with their heartless money-grubbing business practices.

Anyways, just thought I’d share this bit of news and my opinion to go along with it. Vote Romney 2012 if you want it to come true! Remember, a vote for Romney is a vote for an orphan tear filled swimming pool. And that is the best swimming you’ll ever do!

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