A New One Comin’

Stay at Home Brad and his daughter Eliza. Eliza is in a baby backpack and they are hiking. Went for a little walk today around the shore of Barker Reservoir in Nederland, CO today. Eliza got the royal treatment and was carried in our little baby backpack. She sure does enjoy riding in it and I sure do like carrying her around in it. It works out great for the both of us.

You know what else I hope will work out great for the both of us? I’ll tell you. It’s Eliza’s brother or sister that will be joining us in February of next year. That’s right, your old pal Stay At Home Brad and his wife Amanda and their daughter Eliza are fixin’ to welcome a new member to their totally awesome family.

I’m really hoping it’s a boy this time, but if it’s another girl I’ll be fine with that. It sure would be nice to have someone to do typical male activities with though. Like fishing, football, baseball and catchin’ bugs. Not that Eliza won’t do any of those things but Lil’ Bradley Jr will do them for sure. But it really doesn’t matter, boy or girl. I’ll love them the same.

Well then, just thought you might like to know about this in case we aren’t Facebook friends or you aren’t subscribed to my personal page or you are one of those two things and you just didn’t see the post or whatever. So goodbye for now friend!





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