Eliza Ate At Denny’s Today

Eliza at the table in Denny's restaurant on Wadsworth in Lakewood, Colorado

Today me and Eliza’s little adventure was a trip to Denny’s restaurant. We had the Southern Slam and it was pretty good. It has a biscuit and gravy, sausage (or bacon) grits and two eggs. Eliza got to eat the sausage, grits and biscuit/gravy.

She is a big fan of breakfast, it’s her favorite meal of the day for sure. There are so many breakfast foods she likes and gets. She really liked when we went to Golden Corral for breakfast. Buffets work pretty good for us.

One thing that was not good at all at Denny’s was the coffee. It was almost undrinkable because it was so bad. I drank it though, just with extra sugar. I’ve never had bad coffee at Denny’s but it had been a while since I’d been to one. Maybe it was a bad batch, or maybe they just don’t have good coffee. I’ll have to try it again some day.

Well, time to go. Have yourself a good one. Did you figure out the Secret Message yet? No? That’s ok, I’ll reveal it soon and you won’t have to worry yourself about it. G’day mate!

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  1. carol g

    Cute photo..

    1. brad

      She was the cutest baby at Denny’s!

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