Leaving On A Jet Plane, Tips To Get Us There And Back Again?

a wheel of an airplane as it touches down for landing on a runway as viewed from a passenger window.This time next week we’ll be out of our Denver Doldrums and On The Road…the airplane Road To Seattle. We couldn’t be more excited. It’ll be our first air travel vacation with Eliza as well as our longest. We were gone for 5 days last month up to Montana, this time it’ll be more. One day we’ll go on month long vacations, then forever vacations when we win the lottery! HaHa.

Anyways, like I said we’ll be traveling by air with our about 1 year old baby. They fly free till they’re 2 but they have to sit on our laps, no car seat or anything. Have any of you ever flown with a lap baby, or even a regular baby? Is there anything you recommend a person do that they might not think of on their own?

If so, please don’t hesitate to leave some comments below. We would like this to go pretty smoothly, we don’t want any airport drama or anything. This would be no good. We can’t get on “The List,” we want to do this again!



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