Children’s Museum Of Denver = Super Awesome Fun Time


Stay At Home Brad and Eliza at the Children's Museum in Denver, Colorado

Today as part of our quest to use up our 5×5 card we went to the Children’s Museum of Denver (2121 Children’s Museum Drive Denver, CO 80211). It was so fun. We had what “they” call a blast. We only got to see a small portion of it. That portion is called The Center For The Young Child. It is further broken down into several different parts built with a specific aged child in mind. We played in the Pond, which is like a giant pond shaped pillow with bird sounds and frog calls and stuffed pond creatures and is for kids 0-12 months. I almost wanted to take a nap there it was so soft and comfy but I bet they discourage that (I didn’t see any signs saying not to though).

We also played in the Meadow which is for 9 months-2 year old kids. We played with toys and Eliza walked around and fell on the soft padded floor. Eliza also got to play with other kids around her age. She is not too used to that yet, but she did alright. She does need to work on her sharing a little bit as she thinks everything is hers. Here’s some more info on the different activities in the CFTYC at the CM and here’s a video tour of the whole facility.

Anyways, the photo accompanying this post was taken there. Amanda took it and it is a good one. I look so handsome. LoL. Eliza looks alright too. Haha. Amanda sure has been getting some good shots recently. Not to say that the ones she took in the past were bad but just that the ones from yesterday and today are real good. Thanks Amanda!!!

Well, got to go. It’s real late on a Sunday night and the morning comes early. Eliza and I have got to get back to the park this week so we can play and I can reclaim my Foursquare mayorship from this guy who keeps taking it away! SMF!!!!!! Hahahaha. Ok then, have a great night and a happy Monday!


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