Eliza Is Getting An MRI Tomorrow

A quad pic(s) of Eliza. She is a 1 year old girl and is playing on carpet in a living room of her house. This is Eliza the night before her MRI. She is getting it around noon tomorrow and none of us around here are looking forward to it. They have to check out her head and make sure there’s nothing wrong with it.

You see, her head grew at a faster rate than the rest of her and it grew big. Like to the 97th percentile for her age. It started out more normal sized but then grew up fast.

She might have her dad to blame for it as he has a large head (her dad is me!!). I remember when I played football when I was a kid and it was so hard to find a helmet that would fit. I always had to use the oldest goofiest looking one. So I’m sorry that my large head genes were passed down to Eliza and now she has to get a procedure because of it.

I’m fairlycertain (and hoping) that they won’t find anything wrong with her. It would be really bad if they did. We don’t need anything like that happening. But, like I’ve said before, Eliza is not showing any signs of any brain problems and she does what she’s supposed to do at her age (maybe even more). So we shouldn’t have any bad news to report on that front.

Head coronal magnetic resonance imaging MRI view

Head coronal magnetic resonance imaging MRI view (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What I worry about most is that they have to sedate her so they can do the MRI without E flailing around. I know the doctors have lots of experience drugging to sleep babies but I still am scurred about it. I think it’s ok to bethat way though and I’m not gonna worry if you send emails to brad@stayathomebrad.com and tell me how sissy I am.

Well then folk, I’ve got to be getting to bed. We have to get up at 4:30 am to give Eliza some food before the cutoff time. She can’t eat food after 5:15 and no milk after 7:15 and then only apple juice or Pedialyte till an hour before her procedure. If you know Eliza, you’d know she loves to eat food so she needs to get some while she can. 8 hours sin comida is a lot. So I’ll be going then. Ok, I’m gone.

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