The SAHB Family Wagon

My Kia Sedona minivan on the dealer's lotWe got a new car today and it’s pretty cool. It’s not really a car, it’s a 2010 Kia Sedona minivan. You see, I’m a family man now and so I need a car that suits my lifestyle. We have lots of things and people to haul around with Eliza and the on the way baby.

After we came home from the car dealer today I was just thinking how awesome things are for us here at the Stay At Home Brad house. Amanda and I are very happily married and best friends, we have a super cute cool awesome baby and her brother (or sister) will be here early next year, we “own” our home and are just generally alright. It’s really cool.

If you were to have asked me even 5 years ago if I thought anything like this would be going on, I would have said heck no. It is really really neat and I love it. I love the little life we all have together here and can’t picture things any other way now.

Alright then, I’m gonna be getting outta here. I’ve got some driving around to do. I’ll yack at ya’ later!


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