Finding Out About New Baby

male and female symbols with question marks all aroundWe’re finding out more about our new baby tomorrow. We go in to the hospital for an anatomy scan ultrasound where we should be able to find out if it’s a boy or a girl! I’m definitely hoping for a boy because we have a girl already and what dad wouldn’t want a lil’ dude to pal around with. He’d be like mini-me and that would be so sweet. We’d play so many sports and do so many activities together.

But if it’s not a boy then I hope it’s a girl. Hahaha. That would be good too because then Eliza would have a little sister and they could be best friends and do each others makeup and share clothes and whatever girl best friends do.

But whatever sex the baby turns out to be we’re sure to love it as hard as we can. We can already feel it kicking around in there and that’s awesome. When Eliza was in utero it took me a long time to be able to feel her. Amanda was always like, “Feel the baby she’s moving around.” Then I would but Eliza would have gone still. She always has been a joker like that.

Once we know whether it’s a boy or a girl we can then pick out a name. We have several potential names for both boy and girl, we haven’t focus grouped them or anything but they’re good solid names. It has been a little harder this time to come up with names, but once we find out the sex it should make it easier. We’ll definitely have it picked out by the time baby comes and you’ll be the first to know once we do. Haha.

Well then, it’s about that time again folk. It’s time to hit the hay, and by hit the hay I mean go to sleep and by go to sleep I mean play [Word Hero] or Bejeweled Blitz. Ok, goodnight!!



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