First Look At Eliza’s Brother


Here is a picture I took of a picture they took of our new baby boy! He’s such a cutie! Heehee.

We’re only 5 or so months away from his arrival, they should fly right by, as time is wont to do. We hope he decides to stick around his current house till he’s fully cooked, unlike Eliza who couldn’t wait and came 2 months early.

So there he is folk, Little Baby No Name. We’re working on it though, stop pressuring us. LoL.

Alright then, I will yak at you all later. Have a great night and a great tomorrow. Try and get a donut or two in the morning, it’ll do you good. That is all.

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  1. Alaina Gordon

    a BOY! get right outta town!

    1. brad

      A boy indeed. I’m still here in town though.

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