American Girl Dolls And Doll Accessories

part of the cover of the October 2012 American Girl catalogThe person who lived at our house before we did recently got mailed an American Girl doll catalog. I have heard of them before but had never seen them. They’re pretty neat, as far as dolls go.

What is not so neat about them is how much it costs for 18″ age 8 and up dolls. How much do they cost? Go ahead, take a guess, I’ll give you a few seconds………What did you guess? If you guessed $105 then you are correct and would win big on The Price Is Right.

And winning it on a game show is the only way I would ever come home with one of these for Eliza. What a ripoff they are! Over one hundred dollars for a doll? You’ve got to be kidding me. Luckily we have 7 years till Eliza can have one of these, although they do have ones for ages 3 and up, which are only $50!

Did you know that sales of American Girl dolls have actually increased 16% while Barbie‘s have dropped 4%. Who would have thunk it. You couldn’t tell that hundred dollar dolls would be selling more than not hundred dollar dolls by reading the news. How are all these people affording it on their unemployment and welfare?

I kid, I kid. But I don’t kid that the doll is only the beginning of your cost as an American Girl Doll owner. No, your daughter won’t be satisfied with the one outfit the doll comes with and you’ll have to buy more. Or make more if you’re crafty like that.

If you want to get some outfits right from American Girl you can expect to shell out $30 or $40 dollars for each one, if you get it straight from their site. You may be able to get a bargain on Amazon or Etsy or something, I haven’t really looked.

But it’s not just outfits, they also have overpriced doll furniture and accessories you can buy too! Like a doll sized vanity for only $80, it does have pretend bottles of lavender and rosewater though, so it’s totally worth it! Oh, or you could get a $175 dingy that you can’t even put in the water. What fun!

So I guess these American Girl dolls are not my cup of tea. I hope they don’t ever become Eliza’s cup of tea either because it wouldn’t be a cup of Earl Grey tea, no it would be some fancy white tea made from flowers that only bloom once a century and cost hundreds of dollars per cup and the cups are tiny. I hope she is alright with regular dolls and doll accessories that only cost a silly amount of money instead of the ridiculous amount the American Girl dolls cost.

And that’s the name of that tune.

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