Eliza Daily Photo Video, Year Two

Here’s the latest in the greatest sequential photo to video production out there. It covers the day after Eliza’s birthday to today! I decided to just make it its own thing, leaving out her first year of photos. I’ll go back when she’s around 1.5 years old and make a whole life video, which will be pretty kewl. If you really wanted to you could go and watch her go through her first year by clicking THESE WORDS. Ok, bye!


thumbnail from youtube video of eliza daily photo video for her second year.


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  1. One Year Of Life In 48 Seconds, Amazing | Stay At Home Brad

    […] Check out Henry in this video. It’s all the daily photos I’ve taken of him throughout the year put together and shown for 1/10 of a second each. He grows right up! I tried to keep his eyes in the same place in each one so it looks good but some of them aren’t lined up. Oh well, I still like it and you should too. Also, don’t forget to see his sister’s vids. She has two since she’s two. […]

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