Eliza And Her Brother

ultrasound pics of eliza and her brother. hers has a pink border his has a blue border

We went in for another ultrasound today. Last time they did one they saw a bright spot in new baby’s heart and wanted to take an extra look at it. They say the spot was an indicator for potential problems, like downs syndrome. And although we would love our baby boy no matter what sort of condition he had, we would rather he have none.

But today they found nothing out of the ordinary during the procedure. New baby’s heart is spot free and he is growing nicely and is an estimated 2 lb 5 oz, which is apparently perfect for an almost 27 week gestation baby. Only 13 or some more weeks to go till he comes out!

If he gets born when Eliza did, he only has 5 more weeks. I sure hope that doesn’t happen. We want him to go full term. It was hard with Eliza in the NICU for so long after she was born (44 days). We don’t want to go through that again, once is enough for us.

So for now, as far as we know, we have a healthy baby boy growing inside Amanda. He still doesn’t have a name. We have a couple potential choices but we’re having a harder time coming up with a final choice. So don’t go buying any monogrammed onesies for us just yet, haha.

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  1. Amanda Gordon

    Awwwwwwwwww, I love them.

    1. brad

      I love them too!!!

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