The Family Dinner

Taken at White Fence Farm in Lakewood, CO. Amanda with her daughter Eliza on a fake horse.Hey there folk, Stay at Home Brad here with a brand new video for you. This one’s a doozy. Haha. Well, it’s actually probably not of much interest to you. I made it and I want to put it here for our own sake. So we can have a copy of it on the internet forever. Or at least as forever as the internet is, it seems like it’ll be here for a while.

The video is of our little trip to the White Fence Farm in Lakewood, Co for my birthday dinner. It was so good, they make some great chicken and unlimited side dishes there. It is the second year in a row we’ve went there for my birthday. I guess it’s new tradition in our family.

So if you’re not familiar with it, as the name might suggest, it is (was) a farm. This part of town was rural up to a relatively short time ago so that’s why there’s a farm in the middle of the city. They have a few animals in a pen for the kids to look at. There’s a sheep, goats, a cow, and a pig. They have a coin operated food dispenser if you want to feed them. They do stink though. But it’s fun to see, Eliza had a real good time seeing them. She wanted to touch them but I think they would have eaten her little fingers!

They also had some wild ducks living on a pond. They are not only wild, they are crazy. You can feed them too, but watch out if you do. They swarm you like mad. Also, they bite little girls’ fingers if they can. I know this because they bit Eliza’s. She was ok though.

If it’s your birthday and you’re there they’ll get a bunch of staff to come out and sing “Happy Birthday” to you. They came out and Amanda and I thought they were going to sing to me but they did it to the table next to us! OMG, it was so funny. They came back later and did it though.

And that’s a little bit about what’s in the video. You can watch it or not, it’s up to you. But here it is either way.

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