A New Camera And Going To Rodizio Grill


Howdy, happy Saturday to you! Did or are you watching Louie CK on Saturday Night Live? I’ll check it out tomorrow on Hulu so don’t spoil it for me.

If you were wondering, the photo on this post is me holding my new video camera! My mom got it for me for my upcoming birthday. I haven’t had a chance to really take much video with it yet, which is why you are seeing a bad still photo instead of moving pictures. But soon enough folks, soon enough.

Tomorrow we’re going downtown to Rodizio Grill. Have you ever been there? Wow, it is amazing. They bring you Brazilian style meat on a stick and lots of it. It’s pretty expensive, I think the “Full Rodizio” is $35. We like to go for lunch which is like $17 or so and pretty much the same.

Both Amanda and I signed up for their mailing list and we get a buy one get one free for each of our birthdays so we go there twice a year. We need to get Eliza signed up so we can go 3 times! Haha.

So have a great rest of your weekend please. If you don’t I will be so upset. I don’t want that and I don’t think you do either. Bye!

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  1. brad

    I just checked and the lunch price is $18.99.

  2. Amanda Gordon

    It was soo good.

  3. stayathomebrad

    Amanda Gordon┬áRemember “Lincoln” on SNL? The funniest skit I’ve seen in a long time!!!

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