Awesome Animal Pics From The Denver Zoo

Two humped camels at the Denver Zoo

You must see these animal pics from the Denver Zoo. Well, you don’t really have to but why wouldn’t you want to? They’re pretty good. It was real fun today. It was a free day is why Eliza and I went down there. Amanda had to work today so it was just us two today which is a break from the norm. She’s usually there when we do things like this, but now since Eliza’s getting older I bet we’ll be doing more activities during mom’s working hours.

Anyways, no need to bore you with things like that. Let us get to the pics. I apologize if you just went to a zoo and have already seen these animals recently. Many people haven’t so just deal with it. Haha. Ok, here you are.

[nggallery id=1]

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  1. Wordslinger1919

    Great pics brad. I might take one or two and post them to reddit. With your permission, of course, and a link to your blog in the comments section. If all that’s cool with you.

    1. stayathomebrad

      @Wordslinger1919 That’s cool, feel free to post whatever you want wherever you want, Mr. Words.

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