Eliza’s First Sleepover

Tonight Eliza is having her first sleepover. She is staying with her grandma because both Amanda and I have to be at our works really late tonight. Plus, the weather is bad and its snowing and cold and it’d probably be best not to take her out in the middle of the night in the cold.

Double plus, it’s good to get her experienced at sleeping at another place. We consider ourselves fortunate that we haven’t had to leave her overnight yet. Some people might think of this as a bad thing, but we like our daughter and like spending as much time with her as we can. It goes by so fast, dontcha know.

So at 15 months old she spends her first night away from home. She may have to do this again when her brother is born. I don’t know how she would do at the hospital. It would be pretty boring for an 18 month old baby.

But I bet it’s not boring over at grandma’s house. There’s all kinds of activities and fun that goes on over there. Eliza sure does seem to like it when she visits. I remember how cool it was when I would go spend time at my grandma and grandpa’s place. Hopefully the same will go for Eliza.

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  1. Blogger_Father
    Twitter: bloggerfather

    Hope it went OK. It’s hard to get kids to sleep at Granny’s for the first time, but it’s also addicting… Going to sleep knowing you have no responsibility for a whole night is something you’ll want to try again soon.

    1. stayathomebrad

      @Blogger_Father It did go really well. She slept really good and only woke up once after she got put to sleep.
      It was kinda nice to be able to put a glass on the coffee table without it being knocked over.
      We may try it again soon, I think we have another week both work late on a Saturday coming up in a couple or few weeks.

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