What’s On Our Thanksgiving Menu

Happy Friday to you all. I hope you have a great weekend planned. It’s the last one before Thanksgiving so make sure to get as ready as you need to be. You don’t want to have to be going to the store Thanksgiving Eve, it’ll be crazy!

We’re having a traditional Thanksgiving meal this year. We usually do something different than turkey and stuffing and all that but we’re giving it a go this year (at my request). It should be pretty good. We looked over our Bon Appetit magazines and our cookbooks to come up with some yummy sounding recipes.

I made up a little Thanksgiving menu in MS Publisher, because I like to do silly things like that. I have posted it below for all to see. Isn’t it great? Haha. Do you make anything special for Thanksgiving? Have you ever had a Turducken? I was at a place they had one and it was so good. Maybe one year we’ll do that. Anyways, I gotta go and so do you. Have fun!

menu for Thanksgiving dinner at the Stay At Home Brad house.




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  1. therobotmommy

    This sounds amazing. I’ll be over after my family’s food fest!!

    1. brad

      It will be amazing. We went and got all the ingredients today! I’ll see you there! LoL.

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