Where Did The (Already Low # Of) Readers Go?

Chairs in a sidewalk patio are emptyHowdy folks! It’s been real quiet around here the past couple weeks. And I don’t mean just the lack of comments, that happens all the time. I mean the stats I have available tell me there has been a significant drop off in readership. I’m not real sure why. It’s not just the viewing of new posts, I used to get some people brought to me by Google and other search engines, now it’s near zero.

My stats were pretty puny to begin with so this sudden decrease affects me quite a bit. I wish I knew what was causing it. I must have messed something up somewhere but I just cannot think of what it would be.

Maybe if you are an expert in this area, and have some free time, you could take a look to see if you can see some really obvious thing I’m doing wrong. I bet it’s not hard to find if you know what you’re looking for.

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  1. dadlogic

    It could be a couple things. People are busier around Thanksgiving with family in town and such, so there is less time to spend online (unless you’re doing cyber monday shopping). But if your stats are reading zero, it sounds like there is something wrong with whatever program you’re using to measure traffic. That can happen when there is a conflict with the various plugins you’re using on your site or just because it is a day ending in y. You never really know. Try comparing your stats in WordPress to what you’re seeing in Google Analytics and see if they both are reading zero.

  2. Wordslinger1919

    I’m still here! DadLogic might be right, it could be a -ware issue. Do you you crosslink on a lot of blogs?

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