Zatarain’s Klout Perk Unboxing

zatarain's klout perk arrived and it's pasta dinner mix that amanda holds up I’m a member over at Klout.com where you get a score that purportedly tells you how well you do on social media. I have a 52 (out of 100). Sometimes a company will do a promotion there. So based on your Klout score, you might get different things offered to you.

I have received some Axe hair gel, powdered drink mix, a subscription to Red Bull Magazine and now some Zatarain’s pasta dinner mix (there may be others but I can’t recall them at this time.) In this video, you see the unboxing of the Zatarain’s pasta dinner mix. It was real fun. We had one for dinner tonight and it was really tasty. We are looking forward to trying the other two!



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