Check These Stats, Bro

a screencap of Alexa stats for stayathomebrad.com


Check these stats, bro. This totally awesome site you’re reading right now is ranked 1,955,652 worldwide on Alexa, and 157,382 in the US. Pretty awesome. These numbers are way better than they were just a few weeks ago. I added an Alexa stat box at the bottom of the site because I had heard that it would help my ranking and it seems to have done so.

Before I had put it on I was ranked 8 million something. This number has been dropping pretty quickly and I like it. I still don’t know about the validity of them but I like to see it anyways. It’s cool. This next year I’m going to work on getting them even better. Just you wait and see, it’ll happen.

Oh, one more thing, if you were to look at how stayathomebrad.com looked in the past on the Wayback Machine, you wouldn’t find anything to do with me. It only has the old Stay At Home Brad from 2009 (who is not me). I have had this site for over a year now and have still not been crawled or whatever by them. I don’t know how to get on there but I sure would like to. Maybe next year I’ll show up, but who knows.

Alright then, this penultimate post of the year is done. I’ll see you all tomorrow with the last one. And after that is a brand new year with brand new stuff coming up and you’ll surely love it. See ya’!

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