Christmas Is Coming And It’s Going To Be Good

Eliza unwrapping a presentChristmas is coming if you haven’t checked your calendar lately. In fact it’s only 2 days away so if you didn’t know it’s probably too late. Check out Eliza in this pic, she’s opening a present from her grandma while we were at Tokyo Joe’s.

This is the first time Eliza has been able to unwrap her own presents. Last Christmas she just laid there and she wasn’t really able to do it on her 1st birthday.┬áSo this Christmas she’s gonna be a present unwrapping fool. There’s a small chance she might get quite a few opportunities to do it.

You know what though? This Christmas is the last major holiday Eliza will have as an only child. After this she’s gonna have to share the goods with her little brother. She’s really good at sharing so it’ll probably be ok. (I’m just kidding, she’s not very good at sharing but it’s still gonna be ok, she’ll learn.)

Are you planning to have a really awesome Christmas like we are? Do you have any super cool family traditions you want to share with the rest of the class? Do you want to wish us a Merry Christmas? Please do any or all of these in the comments. Byebye!





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  1. Amanda Gordon

    Merry Christmas, SAHB! I love you and your babies.

  2. carol g

    I want to wish you a VERY Merry Christmas.

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