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an RSS logo in the background with the words "Dad Bloggers" over the top of itI have used this pretty cool WordPress plugin (RSS Multi Importer) to create a Dad Bloggers group RSS feed page on my site. You can check it daily for the latest from people in the group. Right now there are only 6 blogs in it, these are the ones that posted their RSS feed. I would gladly add yours if you contact me about it. I don’t think I want to manually go in and grab the feed url, no offense.

This is a pretty easy way to get all the newest dad blogger material you could ever want. I didn’t add mine in there because you can just look while you’re there, right? It also lets me put it in the sidebar, as you no doubt noticed. LoL, you never look there!

Anyways folks, I just thought I’d share that info with you because it might not be too obvious to hover over the “Look” menu item and then go to Dad Bloggers RSS option.

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  1. Ray Colon

    Hi Brad,

    Pretty cool. The combined feed displays well on your site. Thanks.

    Do you know of a way to capture that feed in my Reader?
    Ray Colon recently posted..After The PrayersMy Profile

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