Eliza Looks At Geese


You know what Eliza likes? She likes birds. It’s probably her favorite animal, even more so than cats what live at her house.

Today we went to a park and fed some geese. Geese are the easiest birds to get access to. They are dirty and stinky too, but we try to look past that.

They love bread and we happened to have some Parker House Rolls leftover from our wonderful Christmas dinner. So we took them over and fed the boids. It was fun.

That is all.

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  1. carol g

    Nice photo. Looks a little cold. Bet the birds appreciated you sharing your Christmas with them.

    1. brad

      It was a little cold, we could only stay and play for a short time. There was a lake next to where we were where firemen were dunking themselves in through the ice. They were probably colder than us.

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