Eliza Sees Her Mom After Spending The Night

This photo was taken when we walked in and Eliza sees her mom after spending the night at grandma’s house. Eliza and her grandma always have a fun time together there, but Eliza is pretty glad to see us when we go pick her up the next morning. It’s really a great feeling to have someone so incredibly happy to see you. It certainly does bring a smile to my face and is a great way to start the day.

I hope you had a couple of great days this weekend. I know I did. It’s almost always great days round these parts though, so no big whoop. Haha. Well, I’ll see you all later. Oh wait, I need remind myself to watch Casa De Mi Padre on Netflix. I started watching it tonight but only could get through 10 minutes or so before we had to get ready for bed so I want to finish it tomorrow because it seems like it’ll be good. Bye!




an infant girl runs towards her mom

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