Let Me Point Something Out To You

Brad is pointing at the pregnant belly of his wife

It’s not usually polite to point but we sometimes do it anyways. Like this time, when I was pointing at my soon to be born baby inside my wife’s belly. Did you even know that I’m about to be a dad again? It’s totally true. In only 5 weeks and 4 days little Henry is due to arrive. That time remaining is as of this writing, if you want to know how much is left now GO HERE and see.

Having a new baby is going to dramatically alter how things work around here. I’m not entirely sure how, but I know it’s going to be different. It won’t be as different as going from no baby to 1 baby, but it will be different. But it’ll be different in a good way, not a bad or scary way. It’s actually gonna be pretty awesome.

And Amanda, Eliza and myself aren’t going to be the only beneficiaries of this awesome new baby. Nope, you the reader are also going to get all new stories and photos that weren’t possible before. It should provide a lot more content opportunities and I like that and you will too.

And with that we conclude tonight’s episode. Stay tuned tomorrow as we continue the excellent adventures of being a really cool guy (LoL) with a super awesome daughter and pregnant wife. I’ll leave the lights on for you.

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