Our New Baby Boy Vs. Eliza

If you were to check out some information regarding our new baby boy vs. Eliza, you would find out that new baby is the same age as Eliza when she was born. That being 32 weeks gestational age. We’re sure hoping that he stays in the whole time, but if for whatever reason he needed to come early, he’d most likely be ok.

It will be really different to get to bring him home right away, as you may recall Eliza spent 44 days in the NICU after she was born. And when I say different I mean it in a good way. It was so hard with Eliza there, but I think it toughened her up. Hopefully boy baby will be ok not getting toughened up in the ┬áneonatal intensive care unit, he’s gonna need to be tough to deal with his big sister!




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