A Letter To Henry

a baby boy on a purple blanket, his name is HenryDear Henry,

I just thought I’d write you a little letter to tell you how much I freakin’ love you. Pardon my French. You are such an awesome little dude, Henry. You are just about the perfect human being and I’m so glad you are here. How did your mom and I bring such an awesome thing into this world? I don’t know, but I’m certainly glad we did.

Your sister really seems to like you too. She’ll try to feed you your bottle and she pats your soft soft hair. She’s even tried burping you, oh that one was so cute. You eat a lot too Henry. Last night I was up till 3 or 4 feeding you. You drank like a gallon of milk. I exaggerate slightly, but it was a lot. How do you fit it all inside you?

I have attached a video of you to the bottom of this letter. It’s just 18 seconds of you laying in your Boppy pillow. No big whoop. We’ll get some better footage of you in the upcoming days. You have a lot of catching up to your sister Eliza. We have some pretty cool vids with her. I hope that when you’re bigger we can all make hilarious videos together, or if you prefer we can make serious dramatic films too. We’ll see what happens.

Well, Henry, I must be done with this letter to you. You’re sleeping in the bassinet part of your Pack ‘N’ Play crib and just let the biggest fart as I was typing this sentence. I hope you don’t get too mad at me telling ┬áthat you do that. It’s ok Henry, Everybody Farts. Bye and I love you.


Your Dad

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  1. Jared Smith

    Brad, I'm just waiting for some gold from you. I know that you'll post a video at some point that will knock the socks off of many people. And then you will experience the "Reddit Bump."

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